Don't Forget Paris

Hello all – I’ll be letting you know more about some holiday housekeeping items in the coming days and weeks, but wanted to start off with a reminder of a book I published a few years back, The Paris Book, and that it would make a fab holiday gift.

The Paris Book is a collection of black and white photographs taken by my father while visiting Paris in 1996. A professional photog with a background in media, sports, and commercial work, he was also gifted when it came to more intimate images. Upon returning, he assembled with great care what would become a book. Unfortunately, he never got to finish the book himself. He passed away in December 2003.

It took a few more years, but I was finally able to edit and publish the book on his behalf in December 2009. I’m honored to have completed this work for him.

I’m also not taking a dime for this book. All proceeds from its sale go to the Stephen B. Oberreich Memorial Art Scholarship at Ball State University, where we both earned our art degrees (okay, he went on to get a Master’s there, too).

Please consider The Paris Book this holiday season. You’ll be getting a beautiful look at the city of Paris through the eyes of a master photographer and help contribute to the education of a current art student.

** Please keep in mind that The Paris Book is print on demand so it will take a bit longer to ship than if you ordered though Amazon, for example. Allow some extra time, or you can order the digital version and download it to your favorite device.**

Thanks and happy (early) holidays!

(Photos used in this blog post are of lower quality and resolution than those in The Paris Book.)