Photo by  Emily Schwank

Photo by Emily Schwank

kate oberreich.

Painter. Sketchbook keeper. Ephemera collector. Kate Oberreich is an Indianapolis native and second-generation artist who refuses to define her style. With a love of texture and symbolism, Kate mixes painting, drawing, collage and anything else that will “stick”.

A Ball State University grad, Kate holds a BFA in painting and contemplates grad school every once in a while. In the meantime, she creates paintings and illustrations for solo and group exhibitions and her growing list of clients.

Notable clients include Citizens Energy Group (Indianapolis, IN), 20th Century Fox (for the feature film, The Fault in Our Stars), Indianapolis Monthly, HGTV, Shamrock Cycles (Indianapolis, IN) and Spotts Gardens (Indianapolis, IN).

Art Donation Policy

I often receive requests to donate artwork to charity auctions and the like. As much as I would love to give work to each and every worthy cause (and so many are!), I must be selective and contribute to causes and organizations that are near and dear to me.

Please understand that current US tax laws are unfavorable to independent artists, we cannot deduct the full market value of our work, only the cost of materials used to create the piece, which is usually pretty minimal when compared to the amount received when the piece is sold at full value.

As much as I wish it were so, “exposure” is not a reasonable offer in exchange for art.

That said, I do donate, but is with certain criteria in mind:

-       The organization agrees to split the proceeds 50/50 with payment within 10 days and the buyer’s name and contact information provided.

-       I am allowed to set the reserve price at auction. This is to honor the value of artwork in my client’s collections and in galleries through which I am represented.

-       If the artwork does not sell, it is to be returned to me within 10 days.

-       Prints, postcards, and other reproductions may be purchased at wholesale pricing by the organization and auctioned at any price (suggested retail pricing will be provided) or used as giveaways.